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Total Health for your pet

Medical Service Fees:

 Adult Dog Annual Visit: 

Health Exam and Vaccinations $182.92

Puppy Care Series:

1st shots- 6 weeks of age $133.80

2nd shots- 9 weeks of age $136.24

3rd shots - 12 weeks of age $147.01

4th shots - 15 weeks of age $179.18

      Prepay for a 20% discount! ($474.70)


Avid Chip $61.29

Flea and Heartworm Prevention:

We carry Trifexis, Heartgard, Sentinel, ProHeart, Advantage Multi, Revolution and Bravecto in our clinic.

Dental Procedure(s):

Canine teeth cleaning ranges from $300 to $500

In order to perform a thorough evaluation and cleaning of your pet's teeth, general anesthesia is required. Prior to placement under general anesthesia, a thorough physical examination and blood work is required.  This is to ensure your pet is in optimal condition before undergoing a dental cleaning.

Canine Spay:

(Exact pricing depends on weight)


Canine Neuter:

(Exact Pricing depends on weight)

​$195 - $315.00

Feline spay:


Feline Neuter:


Feline (Front) Declaw:


Boarding Service Fees:

Canine Boarding:

5' x 7' Luxury Suites - $52.00 per night

         includes Web Cam viewing, one extra playtime,            furnished bedding and healthy Lean Treats.

3' x 6' Indoor Runs - $34.00 per night

4' x 4' Small Dog Boarding - $32.00 per night

Standard Wire Kennels - $31.00 per night

**Additional dogs in same accommodation is

   $6 less per night.

**Sunday pick-up is available - Pick ups are

   during specified hours and a fee, equivalent

   to one (1) night of boarding will apply.

**There is a $2 increase during holiday boarding. Call us to check on dates that this will apply

Playtime (1 additional per day) - $6.50

Pool-time (1 additional per day) - $6.50

Play/Pool-time combo (1 add'l per day) - $11.00

Feline Boarding Prices:

1 Story cat condo $25.00 per night

2 Story cat condo $37.00 per night

Additional cat in same condo is $6 less per night

Daycare prices:

Per 1/2 day (<5 hrs) $15.00

Per full day (>5 hrs) $20.00

Pre-pay 10 day bundle for $169- ($30 savings!)

Pool time available for daycare - $6 per session